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Coolest Movie Credits

Waynes_world_ver2The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a story on movies that are trying to spice up the end credits, giving the audience a little more bang for their buck as we learn the names of the best boys, caterers and clapper loaders.

I always sit through the credits right to the bitter end. Sure, I’m in no hurry to leave the theater and go back to (shudder) reality. And I’m genuinely interested in knowing who played the second spear carrier from the left. You never know, it could be George Clooney in a cameo.

But over the years I’ve also noticed that some filmmakers like to reward people like me by sneaking in a little something at the very end, just before the lights come up and the ushers start glaring out you. 

If you have any of these movies on DVD or VHS, check ‘em out and see what you’ve missed:

Wayne’s World – We fade to black on Wayne and Garth, still sitting on their familiar couch and wondering when someone is going to tell them that they can leave.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Matthew Broderick, who carries on a conversation with the audience throughout the movie, wanders out of his bedroom in a bathrobe. "You’re still here?," he asks, shocked to see us. "It’s over! Go home."

Grumpy Old Men – In an outtake of a bathtub scene, Walter Matthau grumbles, “If I’d known there was a nude scene in this movie, I would have asked for another million dollars.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Paul Reubens (the former Pee-wee Herman) continues to milk his dragged-out death scene.

Aliens – This one’s more subtle, but just before the movie fades out entirely, you can hear that tell-tale skittering sound of the titular monster, signaling the advent of another sequel.

Lethal Weapon 3 – Echoing the opening scene, in which Mel Gibson and Danny Glover barely escape an exploding building, footage of another building being demolished is accompanied with voice-over commentary by the two stars.

The Chase – You could be forgiven for having left this one well before the credits, but afterwards Charlie Sheen, dressed in drag, rattles off some of his father Martin’s more memorable lines from Apocalypse Now.

Young Sherlock Holmes – Presumed dead in the explosive finale, Holmes’ nemesis Rathe (Anthony Higgins) is seen checking into a hotel. Because he is wanted by the police, he decides to adopt a new identity. The name he chooses: Moriarty.

The Mission – Roland Joffe’s film about the effects of European church politics on 18th century South America features a final shot of Ray McAnally as the cynical Cardinal Altamirano, glaring at the audience as if to remind us that events like these aren’t confined to the past.

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