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Clips: William Shatner Acts! No, Really.

Few actors are so quintessentially themselves as William Shatner.

The Shat, as he is affectionately known, is not really a thespian. He’s simply himself. When you watch Shatner in a role, you are never transported into thinking he’s actually someone else. And that’s why he’s so great. There’s something so ridiculous and wonderful about watching a paunchy 70-year-old with a bad hairpiece march around guilelessly pretending to be a spaceship captain, an Indian, an alien, a policeman or a giant pink bunny chomping on a cigar.

Comedy Central put together this priceless compilation of some of the Shat’s greatest on-screen moments as part of the on-air roast they threw in honor of him in 2006. Check it out.

William Shater Acting Montage [YouTube]

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