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Clips: New Halo Short

Over the last couple of months, Microsoft has been trickling out a series of short films to promote its blockbuster sci-fi action game, Halo 3. The shorts, directed by South African director Neill Blomkamp, have all been well-excuted, but a bit light on story and action. But the third installment of the series, just released, changes all of that: it’s a doozy. And more to the point, it’s the first proper look at what a Halo feature film might look like.

Just as a summary, Neill Blomkamp was hired in 2006 to direct a Peter Jackson produced Halo movie largely based upon the genius of his short Alive in Joburg, a film about an alien species that crash lands in South Africa during Apartheid and forced to live in black ghettos, which results in numerous military conflicts between the South African army and the disenfranchised aliens.

Unfortunately, the project stalled due to finance issues: the budget had skyrocketed well above the projected $135 million. Not wanting to lose their talented hire, Microsoft quickly put Blomkamp to work producing short films to promote the launch of Halo 3. It’s always been my theory that these shorts weren’t meant just to be advertisements, but to wheth appetites for a full-length film.

The latest film in the series has everything you could want from a Halo short. Gattling-gun Warthogs. Rampaging Hunters. Awed and breathless mentions of the Master Chief by human grunts. And incredible, frenetic pacing and the realistic violence of war. How anyone could not be interested in a feature-length Blomkamp Halo movie after watching this is beyond me.

Halo Live Action Short Film #3 [YouTube]

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