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Classic Movie Endings That Never Happened

51m1y4yrqtl_ss500_Have you ever hated the way a movie ends? That’s not unusual—if only because it’s the last part of the film you see, the ending is important to your experience of the film. A clumsy or inappropriate scene halfway through can be overlooked, but a finale that doesn’t sit right can ruin a movie you otherwise enjoyed. So it’s no surprise that filmmakers fret endlessly over endings, sometimes shooting multiple endings or even going back to reshoot after test audiences turned thumbs down at previews.

The Los Angeles Times recently listed some of Hollywood’s more notorious attempts to tinker with the endings of films, not all of which made it onto the DVDs. Among them:

Clerks (1994)—Convenience store clerk Dante is shot to death during a robbery. Hard to believe why test audiences didn’t like that, huh?

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)—The carnivorous plant Audrey II eats the entire cast and goes on to attack Manhattan and presumably the rest of the world. If you have a copy of the DVD with this scene, it’s a collectors item: disks were issued with the scene as a bonus feature but pulled from the market soon after.

Men in Black II (2002)—A swarm of UFOs exiting from the World Trade Center was deleted and moved the Chrysler Building after 9/11.

Fatal Attraction (1987)—Japanese audiences saw an ending in which Glenn Close’s lovelorn lunatic commits suicide in a way to make it look as if she was murdered by Michael Douglas.

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