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Children of the Corn: Kids Going Ape

Children of the Corn Part 2 – The Final Sacrifice may not quite be a classic horror film, but it does feature one of the greatest lines of dialog in a scare film. In the movie, concerned dad Terrence Knox is talking to Indian shaman Ned Romero about the mystical spirits that affect the battle between good and evil and how it has played into a murderous uprising of children in the tiny town of Gatlin many years earlier.  Knox asks him, "Is that what happend in Gatlin?", and Romero replies, "No… what happened in Gatlin was, those kids went ape-s–t and killed everyone".  Yep, that about sums it up.

In fact, kids going ape sh-t and killing adults is the dominant theme of all of the Children of the Corn movies (there are 7 of them, you know, the first debuting in 1984). Pretty much the same plot gets repeated in each film – stranger comes to small town and soon discovers that – uh oh – the kids are all killers who worship a god-like demon that resides in a local cornfield.  That’s what Stephen King’s original 1984 short story was about, and all of the Corn movies stick to the same basic formula.  But that’s okay in my book. Kids going psycho and taking over the world?  Call me crazy, but that sounds kinda cool.

Monsterfest is airing the first two Children of the Corn flicks this month and if you’re only going to see two Children movies in your lifetime, these are the two to see.  Neither one is that bad (Part 2 is surprisingly decent) and they they don’t stray too far from the source material.  Even though several of the Corn sequels hade a knack for discovering upcoming talent (Charlize Theron is featured in III, Naomi Watts stars in IV and Eva Mendes co-stars in V), the law of diminishing returns kept creeping in and each segment had to keep justifying its existence in order to maintain interest.  Part VI even brought back the original Issac from Part I, despite the fact that he was no longer a little kid!  That said, both of the first two offer some creepy small-town America locations and some memorably crazy kids to make them worth watching and should make you think twice about not giving candy out to the little kids on Halloween night. 

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