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Celebrities Recall Their Scariest Movies

You may not ever watch monster movies, but that doesn’t mean that a movie has never scared you. A Moviefone poll of celebrities talking about the flicks that scared them the most when they were kids turned up some surprising answers.

Michael Douglas remembers being traumatized when he saw the 1956 biopic Lust For Life. His father Kirk played the troubled painter Vincent Van Gogh, and the scene in which dad cut off his ear sent Michael and his brother running out of the theater screaming.

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Jennifer Jason Leigh was disturbed by the Steve McQueen war drama The Sand Pebbles
(1966). Her father, actor Vic Morrow, took her to see it when she was
6, and she was disturbed by the amount of violence in the movie.
“[S]omeone gets his eye shot out in a war … That’s not a kid movie."

Some of the other picks, though, are more predictable: Adrien Brody says he was “messed up” by Jaws (1976); Cate Blanchett was afraid of swimming pools for a long time after seeing Oliver Reed in Burnt Offerings (1976); and Casey Affleck remembers the effectiveness of a low-key moment in the original The Thing (1951). You can read more of their thoughts here.

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