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“Birds” Remake Gets a Director

According to Variety, the director of the remake of The Birds is… Martin Campbell.

OK, I’ll give Platinum Dunes a little credit for not going out and hiring some music video hack to screw this up; instead, they hired a hit-and-miss director to screw this up.  Campbell is best known for directing The Mask of Zorro and the James Bond films Goldeneye and Casino Royale, which, admittedly, was an excellent film.  But there are also a lot of duds in his filmography (No Escape, Beyond Borders, Vertical Limit) and frankly, I’m just not sure he’s right for this.  Then again, the whole thing is wrong in the first place, and I still can’t believe Naomi Watts is actually going through with this.  Didn’t working with Cronenberg teach her anything?

Hey, here’s a better idea… how about all those involved come over to my place Saturday night and we’ll all watch The Birds on AMC at 8pm EST.?  We’ll have some pizza and soda, thrill to Hitchcock’s direction, discuss the film’s themes and many unanswered questions and then hit the old man’s bar across the street.  And afterwards, I’ll get all of you to agree that you should just not do this thing and we’ll all go home happy, OK?

Anyway, here’s another good reason to tune in: Hitchcock’s brilliant trailer.  I don’t see Martin Campbell doing this for his Birds, do you?

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