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Be Boba Fett In A Star Wars Hoodie


All of my Berliner girlfriends, seeing me as a lump of clay to be molded into an ideal husband, have one bit of advice for me: wear more hoodies. This despite the fact that I am neither Eminem nor a twelve-year old boy. “Hoodies are big ,” they explain to me. “It is the tell tale wardrobe accoutrement of the fashionological elite. Plus they go with all those parachute pants you’re always wearing” So I sulkily march down to the local clothes store, looking for hoodies, only to discover that they all have barcodes and nonsense English inexplicably printed across them. And that’s when I just give up. I’m not going to pay 75 euros for the privilege of wearing a hoodie that says “HELLO JOE OK #1” on it.

But I think these Mark Ecko designed Star Wars hoodies might have turned me around. Surely, no matter how much one might hate the entire hoodie fashion meme, there’s an undeniable geek allure to the prospect of pulling your hood over your head, cinching shut the neck and suddenly transforming into Boba Fett.

And speaking of sci-fi themed hoodies, I like this Terminator hoodie too. I’ve always wanted my very own T-800 to get my back.

Mark Ecko Designs New Star Wars Fashions [Star Wars, via Boing Boing]

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