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Be A Ghostbuster For Halloween

Ghostbustersphotographc10102485It’s October and that means before long every sci-fi geek will indulge in the cultural prerogative every Trekkie usually takes for granted: dressing up as their favorite sci-fi character without being dragged down to the local police station on drunk and disorderly charges. And  SciFi Scanner’s going to spend this month doing its damnedest to help you do it in style.

Today’s sci-fi Halloween costume is that of everyone’s favorite slime-wielding, proton-packing paranormal executers, the Ghostbusters. The gang over at Instructables have posted an incredible write-up on creating your own proton pack, ghost trap, goggles and utility belt by using materials like blue insulation foam, wood, pressboard, PVC pipe, small parts from your local electronics store and lots and lots of epoxy. The instructions are a bit complicated, especially for the electric components, but this might be an excellent DIY project to get you in the Halloween mood.

The end result is pretty swank. That’s the great thing about the Ghostbusters: they are the every-man heroes of the horror and sci-fi genre. No matter how fat, or skinny, or old, or goofy-looking you might be, you’ll still make a consummate Ghostbuster. Just remember not to cross the streams if you want to keep your organs on the inside.

Be a Ghostbuster for Halloween! [Instructables]

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