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Arachnophobia Alert: Earth vs. the Spider on AMC

Arachnophobia is the inordinate fear of spiders, and anyone with the condition may want to stay away from Earth vs. the Spider, airing on AMC Friday at 6:15 AM. The 1958 film stars a giant house-sized spider lurking in a cave that soon begins to kill members of a small town.

Earth vs. the Spider was released just after The Fly became a blockbuster, and while the spider never matched the fly in popularity, the two films contain some of the same elements. Earth vs. the Spider features a classic “law enforcement official who doesn’t get it until it’s too late” role, in this case, the sheriff of the small town:

Sheriff Cagle: [to a deputy after finding a desiccated body in a cave] Uh, you get back to town and make up a coroner’s report. Just put down Jack Flynn as the name and the cause of death… uh…

Mr. Kingman, the local science teacher: It was a spider that drained all the liquid out of his body!

Sheriff Cagle: Just put down "cause unknown" and let the coroner worry about the rest. That’s the trouble with you eggheads – you jump to conclusions! I know what I see and I see a dead man, but I don’t see any spider.

Wow, is this guy clueless or what?

Also, keep your spidey senses alert for this classic death scene: one of the spider’s victims is the actor Hank Patterson, who would go on to play Mr. Ziffel on Green Acres, the “father” of Arnold the pig.

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