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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Field of Dreams


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1) In the source novel, Shoeless Joe, ‘Ray Kinsella’ kidnaps reclusive author J.D. Salinger. For the movie, Salinger’s character was changed out of respect for his privacy.

2) ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson got his nickname in the minor leagues in 1908. A new pair of shoes had given him blisters, but his team was shorthanded, so he had to play barefoot. "That was the only day I ever played in my stockinged feet, but it stuck with me," Jackson said.

3) Shoeless’ Joe Jackson, whose last major league game was in 1920, famously holds baseball’s third-highest career batting average to this day – his career average is .356.

4) Author W.P. Kinsella was inspired to write about ‘Moonlight’ Graham while reading the Baseball Encyclopedia. Archibald ‘Moonlight’ Graham really did make his lone appearance in the majors on June 29, 1905.

5)The production grew their own corn, then plowed it under to build the baseball field.

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6) 1988 was a drought year in Iowa, so $25,000 worth of water had to be trucked in to make the corn grow.

7) It took three days, seven semi truckloads of sod, and the combined labor of three high school baseball teams to build the field.

8) Because of the drought, the grass on the new ball field died almost
immediately. The solution was to employ a full-time grass painter to
spray the field with green paint throughout the shoot.

9) The Field of Dreams still exists outside of Dyersville, Iowa, and is
open to the public. According to its owners, over 800,000 people have
visited the field since 1989.

10) Because so much of the film takes place during ‘magic hour,’ each day’s
shooting had to be interrupted for a couple of exterior shots just
before dusk.

11) Ray Liotta, who had no baseball experience, trained for a month before
filming in order to play ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson. He worked so hard that
he had blisters on his hands during the shoot.

12) Though Kevin Costner had been the producers’ first choice, they didn’t
approach him because they assumed he wouldn’t want to do another
baseball movie right after Bull Durham. Costner actually had to ask
them for the role.

13) At Boston’s Fenway Park, which seats over 36,000, the filmmakers had to
make the stadium look full with only 500 extras. Then-unknown local
boys Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were among them.


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