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Will You See The Birds Remake?

While trolling for news, I came across something I’d didn’t much like at all. Platinum Dunes is going to remake the Hitchcock classic, The Birds, for a 2009 release.   The movie is rumored to star Naomi Watts.  Watts is beautiful and talented and was terrific in everything from King Kong (yes, I loved it) to The Ring

And yet, I believe there are some things you just don’t mess with.  The Birds is so close to perfection, so Hitchcockian, so horrific that anyone who tries a remake is doomed to fail.  (Platinum Dunes is also redoing – shudder – Friday The 13th.)  Forgive me for ranting, but don’t they know what happened when Psycho was remade starring Vince Vaughan?  Tonight, all I’ll see when I dream is Hitch twisting and turning in his grave.  Am I right?

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