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Which Wins? 310 to Yuma Vs. The Unforgiven

Surprisingly, the weekend after Labor Day has some tasty tidbits for you to check out on date night.  I’ll dispense with making you watch a trailer for the slasher flick, Hatchet. Instead, Russell Crowe is quite believable as a cowboy gunman in 310 To Yuma. Here, Russell Crowe, Christian Bale and Gretchen Mol prove that the Western trend is staying around for a while — even though the movie isn’t perfect. 

No, it’ s no Unforgiven (even though that’s how it’s being promoted). I mean, look at this classic Unforgiven clip and compare. The upshot? Russell Crowe is a very good actor with chops most can’t even approach.  But he’s no Clint Eastwood.  He can’t be.  When it’s actor versus legend, legend always wins.

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