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Watch The Original Series With Style With The Star Trek Phaser Remote

9707startrekhddvdcaseThe remote is a powerful weapon. It can be used for good or ill. The ill: pointing it out your window and aiming it at the living room of your obnoxious neighbor’s house, then keying in the number for the softcore porn channel during a time when you know their shrieking offspring are usually watching Barney. The good: with the cold stare of an executioner, hitting the power button as soon as the SciFi Channel’s execrable Flash Gordon series comes on, then possibly hurtling the remote through the vacuum tube for good measure.

Likewise, a phaser’s a powerful weapon. It can, of course, be used to light cigarettes, perform Federation-mandated circumcisions and cauterize limbs hacked off by Klingons. And it’s also a nice role play device as you kick back and watch some Star Trek, aiming carefully at the aliens even as Captain Kirk does.

In a rather neat move, CBS and Toshiba are teaming up to hand out phaser-shaped remotes to anyone who buys both a Toshiba HD DVD Player and the upcoming Star Trek: The Original Series HD-DVD set. If you’ve always wanted a laser gun remote, this would seem to be a good opportunity for you, but I’m a little woogy about recommending anyone lock in to one high-def DVD technology over another before the war is won. But if you were planning on purchasing the new DVD set along with an HD-DVD player, this is a sweet deal.

Buy Star Trek: TOS HD DVD and a Toshiba HD DVD player, get an uber-rare Phaser remote [Engadget]

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