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Wall Street, Gekko Due for Release

He currently holds second place in AMC’s
Best Corporate Character Poll
. But take Miranda
Priestly out of the picture (don’t put it past him), and Gordon Gekko rules. That potent symbol of the go-go 80s, Wall Street, is 20 years old this week,
and Fox Home Entertainment is releasing an anniversary edition DVD tomorrow
that includes all-new commentary by director and co-writer Oliver Stone, as
well as deleted scenes and two featurettes.

Michael Douglas, who won the Best
Actor Oscar for his performance, is currently working with screenwriter Stephen
Schiff (True Crime) on Money Never Sleeps, which takes place
after Gekko’s release from prison.

As one nameless "industry
professional" notes in a New York Post article, Wall Street was released
months after the 1987 stock market
crash, and the lifestyle it depicts was already fading. Yet the film had an undeniable impact – which
continues to this day – on the behavior of real-life Wall Street workers.

Is greed still good? We shall see. One thing that’s changed for the better since the film first came out:
cell phones are now small enough to fit in pocket or purse.

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