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USA Today: There Are No Important Movie Stars

So on the plane to San Francisco, I’m reading my free copy of USA Today.  The paper seems to be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Along those lines, there’s a big, one-page story about the most influential people of the last 25 years. 

Sure, I expect Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela to be featured.  And I don’t mind seeing Bono and Russell Simmons on the list. 

But there’s not one movie person, not one movie mogul, not one movie producer on the stupid list. USA Today must hate Hollywood. Isn’t Mia Farrow doing a great job with Darfur?  Isn’t Elizabeth Taylor raising consciousness about AIDS?  Didn’t Audrey Hepburn toil for Unicef for years? Isn’t Angelina busting her butt in Africa? Heck, even Jerry Lewis has done a ton for MD.

Which person from the world of film should be on this most influential people list?

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