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They’re baaaack – in theaters!

PoltergeistHere’s an idea I really like….

To publicize the October 9 DVD release of Poltergeist: The 25th Anniversary Edition, Fathom Events will be showing the movie in 242 theaters around the country for one night only, October 4. You can order tickets from their website, which also has a list of participating theaters.

Fathom generally does concert broadcasts in digitally-equipped theaters, along with screenings of anime features. But I would love to see them do more screenings of films like this. It’s a rare week when there aren’t a few movies that have previously been available on DVD being re-released in “special” editions (a practice I’m not crazy about as it’s largely a matter of milking fans by getting them to buy their favorite movies another time). So it seems to me studios would be eager to embrace this method of making their film stand out from the crowd.

And what’s better than getting a chance to see your favorite movie on the big screen? If you’ve never been to a modern digital screening, you may well be amazed at the quality. If this is the future of classic movies, I’m all for it.

On the topic of Poltergeist, by the way, fans are pretty upset that the new DVD has no special features, other than a documentary about the “real” world of poltergeists. Could it be that producer Steven Spielberg, who is widely thought of as the creator of the film even though the director was actually Tobe Hooper, doesn’t much like the movie and wasn’t willing to cooperate with providing material for an expanded edition? Click here to see a panel discussion of the film featuring James Karen, Zelda Rubenstein and co-writer Mark Victor that took place in  Santa Monica, CA on June 16 (not much to look at, but the audio is good).

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