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The Worst Sci-Fi Pulp Covers


I am a big fan of the lurid art of the pulp sci-fi cover. Though often only vaguely related to the actual content of the novel, I appreciate sci-fi cover art for what it is, or at least was up until the late 80’s: pretty much the only commercial outlet for artists to make money painting the fantastic and futuristic.

Still, let’s face facts: a lot of covers for sci-fi novels just stone cold suck, dredged up from a slush pile and slapped on whatever novel to which they’re even remotely similar.

Cracked has a great article up, looking at the best of the worst of fantasy and sci-fi book covers. I take issue with some of the choices: the cover to Michael Moorcock’s Silver Warriors is by Frank Frazetta and it does not suck. But, woo, boy. That cover to Assassin! is something else, and 90 Trillion Fausts isn’t anything to sneeze at.

The Best (Worst) Fantasy and Science Fiction Covers [Cracked, via SF Signal]

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