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The Never Ending Life of Brian

6125nb4fs5l_ss500_There’s just no end …

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced a new DVD version of Monty Python’s Life of Brian, available November 20.

But wait a minute—hasn’t there already been a release of this by Criterion, supposedly the ultimate in DVD packaging? Nor is this simply a bare-bones bargain release – it retails for $24.96. So what possible reason can I, as an avid Monty Python fan, have for buying Brian all over again?

Well, it seems that they’ve unearthed an audio recording of the six Pythons doing a read through of an early version of the script. The reading took place in 1977, features Cleese, Palin et al improvising their own sound effects, and includes scenes that were later cut. Just so you don’t have to look at a blank screen, it’s accompanied visually by director Terry Jones’ storyboards and images of script pages.

Even while the cynic in me wonders whether this audio recording was actually "newly rediscovered" or simply being held back as a future marketing tool, the fanboy is clicking on Amazon and reserving my copy. Other extras include a new documentary and deleted scenes that as best I can tell have been available previously.

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