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The Legend Of Robert Benton

Today, the Los Angeles Times pays homage to the great Robert Benton, who co-wrote Bonnie and Clyde with David Newman in addition to writing and directing Kramer vs Kramer.  The reason for the profile?  Benton’s new film, Feast of Love, a touching look at the various incarnations of love starring Morgan Freeman and Selma Blair, opens on Friday.

You have to like this living legend, who ‘fesses up to being stirred and motivated by the classics: "For Benton, favorite old movies remain a constant inspiration. There’s
a riveting lover’s quarrel in Feast of Love that owes much of its
inspiration to a scene in Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo, in which Angie
Dickinson and John Wayne express their love by fighting with each
other. Benton explains: ‘It’s a way of showing the complexity of love
by letting people, in the midst of a huge fight, discover how much they
love each other.’"

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