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The 25 Great Crime Thrillers

Probably because of the debut of Eastern Promises, Moviefone is at it again with a new movie list, this time for The 25 Greatest Crime Thrillers. Of course, they put Eastern Promises in at number 18, which makes me think someone bought a lot of advertising on the site (sorry, I’m cynical). 

But, you know, aside from the Eastern Promises suck up (which is a terrific film), this is probably the most credible pot pourri that Moviefone has done.  It pays homage to Hitchcock in Rear Window (#2), to David Lynch in Blue Velvet (#25), to the Coen Brothers in Blood Simple (#23), to Roman Polanski in Chinatown (#10).  Yes, it’s debatable that Silence of the Lambs should be the top movie on the list.  But it was indeed a very taut thriller in which Jody Foster and Anthony Hopkins shined.  The only movie I disagree with  that’s on the list is The Departed since there are other greater Scorcese films from which to choose.

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