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Star Trek: A Future Full Of Inhuman, Automaton Idiots


Bobby Mac over at Duggity has posted up what can only be described as an epic rant about Star Trek‘s bizarre, socio-idealist universe and why it makes for dramatically and intellectually impoverished television. Or, in other words, why it just sucks.

It’s about as long as some theses, but it’s very much worth reading. Here’s a snippet:

The entire world that the Star Trek Universe has created is bogus and lacking color. Take, for example, the fact that nobody in the Star Trek Universe listens to rock music. The one episode where a character did listen to rock, he was discouraged by Picard, and the alien Rock’N’Roll was excessively dissonant. How can a future exist where 100 years of music is erased from history? The only music people listen to on Star Trek is Classical and a non-descript “space jazz” kind of music. You’d think that in the future, there would be a bigger variety of musical styles, since musical styles never really die, they develop. After all, when you scan through the radio dial today, you do not find just one or two kinds of music. You find everything from pre-baroque to modern classical, country, western, all forms of jazz, all forms of rock, dixieland, gospel, International, and many many others. People from all over the world (and presumably from all over the universe) would listen to a larger variety or music.

He has similar problems with the low-brow intellectualism of the main characters, who seemingly are incapable of making a reference to any other writer from the last millennium short of William Shakespeare.

I apparently have more tolerances for the intergalactic adventures of a constabulary of doofuses.

Why I Hate Star Trek And Why It Sucks [Duggity]

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