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SciFi Scanner for 09/05/2007

360344015_cd44883493• The ultimate Flickr group for the wistful idealist who wonders where the future went: In The Year 2000.

• The Science Fiction Writers of America sent take-down notices to popular online site Scribd, supposedly because stories from their writers had been posted up in violation of copyright laws. The only problem? Not only were a good portion of the documents either public domain or Creative Commons, but many of the authors they claimed to represent have refused to be represented by the organization. Ooops.

• A Platinum Gold Gundam Robot worth 30 million yen.

• Stephen Hawking thinks science should be as exciting as science fiction, so he’s writing a book for young adults that features teenagers exploring the cosmos thanks to a super computer and a rogue meteorite. I’m not sure he’s going to have much success when he’s saying things like, “Less science fiction, more science fact!” as he’s writing it, though.

The Guardian refutes Ridley Scott’s nonsense assertion that sci-fi is as dead as westerns.

Worlds Without End is an excellent site for recommending and finding your next science fiction books to read.

• Via SF Signal, The Top 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows Of All Time. Star Trek: The Next Generation wins? Pfft.

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