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Notorious: Some Rich Trivia

In Day Three of our look through John Russell Taylor’s intelligent biography, Hitch, I’ll reveal some trivia regarding what’s arguably the director’s best film, Notorious.

-Generally, Hitch was happy with stars Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.  But one morning, Bergman just couldn’t get her line out properly. Perhaps it was because she still wasn’t comfortable with the English language. The first take was at 9 a.m.  An hour passed. Still not right.  As the clock stuck 11 a.m., she finally got it.  Matter of factly, Hitch said, "Good morning, Ingrid," as if Bergman had just woken up from a sleep.

-One day, there was fire on the set of Notorious. While Hitch was explaining a detail to his cameraman, he saw the flames.  Without skipping a beat, he calmly said, "Would someone please put that fire out?"  And he continued with the cameraman as if nothing was happening.

-The kissing scene in Notorious is one of the longest ever committed to film. But Hitchcock wanted true passion, the same kind of passion he’d seen when watched a couple when his train once stopped in Italy.  Apparently, the boy and girl didn’t stop their amorous ways, even when the boy took time to, er, relieve himself.

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