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Not your Grandma’s Oz

As a life-long celluloid junkie, I admit to a prejudice against anything made for television: if it was any good, they would have put it in theaters, right?

But in recent years there’s been more than enough quality work done for cable TV to get me to relax my grip on that prejudice. And I will admit to being intrigued by

The cast is terrific – I’ll watch anything Zooey Deschanel or Alan Cumming are in. (Even after Son of the Mask.) The writers are Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle, whose major credits are for the UPN series “She-Spies” and the NBC series “The Pretender.” The director, on the other hand, is Nick Willing, who made some small films that have good reputations but also did the TV movie versions of Jason and the Argonauts (2000) and Alice in Wonderland (1999). It willpremiere on the Sci-Fi channel in December.

If Tin Man turns out to be a stinker, we can still look forward to Todd MacFarlane’s Oz, inspired by by his dark (of course) line of Oz-based toys and scripted by Josh Olson (A History of Violence). We can expect that in 2010.

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