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Next Summer’s New Pixar Pic

When Pixar releases a film, it’s big news because so many of Pixar’s movies have become classics.  I’m betting next summer’s WALL-E is going to be huge.  Here’s a look at the fab poster. Oh, the loneliness, the longing, the silent, mournful pondering as a robot thinketh.

Says Pixar honcho John Lasseter, "WALL-E is the story of the last little robot on Earth. He is a robot
that his programming was to help clean up. You see, it’s set way in the
future. Through consumerism, rampant, unchecked consumerism, the Earth
was covered with trash. And to clean up, everyone had to leave Earth
and set in place millions of these little robots that went around to
clean up the trash and make Earth habitable again.Well, the cleanup program failed with the exception of this one
little robot and he’s left on Earth doing his duty all alone. But it’s
not a story about science fiction. It’s a love story, because, you see,
WALL-E falls in love with [Eve], a robot from a probe that comes down
to check on Earth, and she’s left there to check on and see how things
are going and he absolutely falls in love with her."

Here’s an early trailer, too.

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