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Mutual Admiration: Hedren and Hitch

When you watch The Birds tonight on AMC, remember that this was Tippi Hedren‘s breakthough movie: she really owes her career to Alfred Hitchcock, who compared her to Grace Kelly when he told Look, "’Tippi’ has a faster tempo, city glibness, more humor. She displayed
jaunty assuredness, pertness, an attractive throw of the head. And she
memorized and read lines extraordinarily well and is sharper in

Hedren returned the love by saying, "He is subtle as a psychiatrist and never gives displaced encouragement."

Still, the shoot was difficult for Hedren to say the least.  says the Wiki, "In a state of exhaustion, when one of the birds gouged her cheek and
narrowly missed her eye, Hedren sat down on the set and began crying. A
physician ordered a week’s rest, which Hedren said at the time was
riddled with ‘nightmares filled with flapping wings.’"

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