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Musician to the Master

Bernard_herrman_If you watched more than a few of the Alfred Hitchcock films featured on AMC this month, you’ve undoubtedly seen the name of Bernard Herrmann in the credits of at least a few of them. Over twelve years and eight films, Herrmann and Hitchcock were one of the most effective composer-director combinations in Hollywood history.

Herrmann’s score for Psycho is of course as iconic as film music gets, but all of his movie music deepened the richness of the viewing experience. And if his work for Hitchcock alone wasn’t enough to earn him a place in film history (even if none of those scores was nominated for an Oscar), Herrmann also contributed to such masterpieces as Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane and Martin Scorsese’s(Taxi Driver.

Available on DVD this week, Music For The Movies: Bernard Herrmann takes an in-depth look at the composer’s art and his legacy. Of particular interest to Hitchcock fans are scenes from Torn Curtain, the film on which Hitchcock and Herrmann parted ways, rescored with Herrmann’s proposed music. Scorsese and Claude Chabrol (“the French Hitchcock”) also contribute analysis.

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