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Monsters in Living Color

Colorization of existing black and
white films is usually a terrible idea (the colorized version of It’s A Wonderful Life, in particular, enrages me).

But sometimes one of the original
participants is involved in the process and offers a valid reason for altering
the original film. Ray Harryhausen, the
stop-motion animation pioneer, recently supervised Legend Films‘ colorization
of several of his early movies, including 20 Million Miles to Earth. The 50th anniversary edition DVD is available
; it will be released on Blue Ray in December. Bonus features include Harryhausen’s audio
commentary, an interview of him by Tim Burton and a restored black and white

According to Harryhausen, he would
have made the film in color had the funding been available. "We filmed in black-and-white out of
necessity rather than choice," he said in a 2006 interview. Now the giant Venusian creature has the beautiful green
scales its inventor intended.

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