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Rayguns – a handheld weapon that shoots a beam of destructive energy at its target – have been a staple of science fiction stories since the 1920’s.  E.E. "Doc" Smith’s first book in the Skylark series, The Skylark of Space, is one early example of a story that used rayguns, as are the Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon comic strips of the 1930s.  Even today, ray guns (in all of their various incarnations and labels such as heat ray, blasters, phasers, laser pistols, etc. — though technically, lasers are invisible and raygun beams are visible and therefore cool) still hold an aura of romanticism in the modern space opera.

These days, you can own your very own raygun.  Check out the prop website Dr. Grordborts Infallible Aether Oscillators, which showcases a line of antique sci-fi hand weapon props that you can buy to amaze your equally geeky friends.  These guns are incredibly detailed with an awesome antique look that’s straight out of some ’50s sci-fi movie.  These prop guns were only supposed to be available for a limited time, but it looks like you can still buy one.  They are hand-crafted, weigh about 7 pounds, and are made in limited quantities of 500 for each model.  I suppose that is meant to justify the $690 asking price. 

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