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Michael Douglas: Son of Spartacus, Messenger of Peace

Img_3785Peter Guber, one of Shootout’s hosts, has recently interviewed Michael Douglas and shares his thoughts about the actor in his blog:

Michael Douglas in his readings of the Dalton Trumbo letters in the documentary of the same name has a particular insight on the subject of this film. His father Kirk in Spartacus lived through the attempt to rob Trumbo of his writing credit with the arrival of Stanley Kubrick, the filmmaker of record, on the scene. He saw his father not buckle under the political pressure and indifference of some of the important creative and studio folks involved with his film. There is no doubt that this steely resolve has found its way into his son’s persona. And while he takes some pretty outspoken positions politically there is no doubt about his authenticity. His feet, tongue, head, heart and wallet all go in the same direction and while he already has won the Oscar for best picture as the producer for Cuckoo’s Nest, and as an actor for Wall Street, he will win his greatest as a humanitarian. He is already a U.N. Messenger of Peace and it’s a role that he was bred for.  Bravo!

Michael Douglas is Shootout’s Next Guest. Sunday, Sept. 30 11am | 10 C

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