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Metropolis and the Moloch Machine

Even today, The Moloch Machine in Fritz Lang’s defining sci-fi classic Metropolis is an unforgettable masterpiece of epic set design and timing.

Upon the face of the giant machine that beats the heart of the massive city, faceless workers function as automotons keeping the machine in motion, jerking in mad staccato back and forth, robbed of their humanity by their ceaseless toil.

The ultimate pay-off — the stunning dematerialization of the M-Machine to reveal the omnivorous maw of a cruel and barbaric god — is as unforgettable today as when it was filmed, 80 years ago.

Incidentally, whether you’ve seen Metropolis or not, you owe it to yourself to check out the restored authorized edition, which features the most complete cut to date, including some brilliantly recrafted missing scenes from production stills.

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