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Man Bites Dog or OK To Pick On Vick?

The Shootout blog presents Host Peter Guber’s thoughts on Bill Maher and Michael Vick.

Bill Maher on AMC’s Shootout made it clear that Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons Football Pinata, is more than fair game. His view was that what Vick did was reprehensible and he’s right. In fact, while the NFL will not allow him to play when he is in prison and the folks who manufacture all his gear will have to have a garage sale, Vick will be back. And while I clearly expressed my view that folks are allowed to pay their dues and repent and we should be able to forgive, Maher is not now in such a mood. Correctly, its too soon and these animals have no voice so a public hanging may provide a chilling effect on this kind of behavior.

Animals like these poor devils need a voice and if Maher can bark up a storm I think he deserves a biscuit or two for his condemnation. However, Vick the dog that "he" is, will live to fight (or should I say play) another day. Others who committed acts  far worse than him quickly roam the streets after a simple wrist slap. How his story will unfold will be more interesting to watch than many of the NFL games that seem to languish with bad ratings late in the season. Some team is going to need a quarterback in a year or two….Hey the Cleveland Browns have their "Dawg Pound." He could fit in. Think of the merchandising.

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