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Hatchet Reviews Are In!

And, well, it looks like Hatchet’s a stinker no matter how you cut it. (I might just see it at some point, though, only because I’ll watch anything that takes place in the bayous of Louisiana.)

Says the New York Times of Adam Green’s latest: "Horror without suspense is like sex without love: you can appreciate
the technicalities, but ultimately there’s no reason to care."

Broods the Los Angeles Times, "Even after appropriately lowering expectations, it’s kind to call this one a cut below."

The New Orleans Times Picayune is just a little bit kinder, saying, "There might be some allure here for old-school horror fans — the kind
of folks who will get off on the cameo by Robert "Freddy Kruger"
Englund — but for most of us, "Hatchet" is not nearly sharp enough to
be interesting."

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