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Geek T-Shirts

As a blogger, I subscribe to more newsfeeds that should normally be allowed.  The good thing about this is the unexpected finds I stumble across.  Bargainist, for example, points out that some online retro T-shirt store is having a sale.

These are T-shirts that broadcast your love of science fiction, among other pop properties, to the non-geek masses. Because, clearly, the geek masses have already been there and done that whole T-shirt thing, you know, back in the ’80s.  But just in case you missed that train (or were otherwise busy getting dates), you can now make up for lost time. But what, I wondered, do they have to offer?

I went perusing their catalog and found a whole bunch of goodies.  T-Shirts featuring Back to the Future (I’m partial to the Flux Capacitor style myself), E.T., Gremlins ("Word to your Mogwai"?  Please!), Weird Science (Bill Paxton’s finest performance), Terminator, Flash Gordon T-shirt from the cheesy ’80s movie (Flash!  Ah-Aaaaah!), Star Trek (cartoon Enterprise crew…good choice!) and, of course, the ubiquitous Star Wars shirts.  Sadly, you’ll have to look elsewhere for the Han Shot First T-shirt.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, it might be helpful to point out the science fictiony costumes like The Greatest American Hero (Is that Matt Damon modeling that costume?) and Star Wars costumes, though I challenge anyone to figure out how they can look like a Stormtrooper with only the helmet.  What, am I supposed to wear long underwear with a Stormtrooper helmet?  After Labor Day?  I’m just sayin…

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