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Friday Night Public Domain Sci-Fi Theater: Teenagers From Outer Space

Hormones! Teenagers! Aliens! Giant Lobsters! Unrequited Love! Skeletons! It’s Teenagers from Outer Space.

The bizarro one-man project of Tom Graeff — who produced, wrote, acted, edited, composed, filmed and provided special effects for the film — Teenagers from Outer Space tells the story of a team of teenage spacemen who arrive on Earth, looking for a suitable environment to raise their giant alien lobsters.

Although contemptuous of the monkey-like humans, it is utlimately only natural that one of these aliens will fall in love with a buxom human girl. Together, they race across town, fighting giant lobsters and dodging ray guns.

Since it’s public domain, you know it will be excellent. The Los Angeles Times wrote: “What a curious little film this is […] there are flashes of astonishing sensitivity half buried in the mass of tritisms!” And Tom Graeff was similarly praised: “When he stops spreading himself so incredibly thin, I think his work will bear watching”

A year after this film was released, Tom Graeff would suffer a mental breakdown and declare himself to be the Second Coming of Christ. Hit play and watch the film that did it to him.

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