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Francis Ford Coppola’s Bad Luck

Just as the world awaits for the legendary Francis Ford Coppola‘s return to directing, the director suffered a setback yesterday when his computer, which included the script and rewrites for the upcoming Tetro were stolen by five burglars.  The film is set to star Matt Dillon, and is described as an Argentine family saga which Coppola is also writing. Youth Without Youth a WWII mystery/love story starring Tim Roth, is the director’s comeback film which drops on December 14th.

UPDATE: On Sunday, the AP reported, "Francis Ford Coppola
says in an interview broadcast Friday that he lost 15 years of computer
data, including writings and family photographs, when robbers raided
his Argentine studio."

"They stole our computers; they got all our data, many years of work,"
said Coppola, who apparently was not in the studio at the time of the

Coppola has had more than his fair share of setbacks over the years, including:

-Contracting polio at the age of 10.
Apocalypse Now had so many disasters, it’s hard to keep count.  These included everything from typhoons to nervous breakdowns.
-Martin Sheen suffered a heart attack during the film of Apocalypse Now.
-Of that time on Apocalypse, Coppola said, "We went insane."  He wasn’t exaggerating.
-His campy One From The Heart was a hugely disappointing failure.
-Coppola’s oldest son was killed in a boating accident in 1986.
-The great director cannot seem to finish the script for his magnum opus, Megalopolis (which he began in the mid 1990s), although a fair amount of second unit shots have been filmed.

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