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Film It! The Real Indiana Jones Dies

Gene Savoy was dubbed "the real Indiana Jones" by People magazine.  Why?  He discovered more than 40 lost cities, and, according to the Associated Press, "was credited with finding
four of Peru’s most important archaeological sites, including
Vilcabamba, the last refuge of the Incas from the Spanish Conquistadors." 

But there was a stranger side to Savoy that, combined with his many voyages and explorations, would make for a movie that would be utterly astounding — if done right.  See, Savoy created his own religion and made himself Bishop.  says the AP, "As founder of a new theology
known as ‘Cosolargy,’ he established the International Community of
Christ, Church of the Second Advent. He taught that the Second Coming
of Christ had already become a living reality through a miraculous
celestial event."  I’m thinking Coen Brothers or David Lynch or Cronenberg — with Lucas or Spielberg producing.

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