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EC Science Fiction Comic Covers


For me, the pinnacle of science-fiction comic art is still EC Comics’ line of science-fiction comics from the early 1950’s: Weird Science, Weird Fantasy and their omnibus title, Weird Science-Fantasy. Wally Wood and Al Feldstein were masters of the gooey, tentacled alien monster; there’s scarcely a single cover amongst the gallery that wouldn’t send a ten year old boy groping in his pockets for his last grubby allowance dime.

I think people forget how wonderful, lurid, full of personality 50’s sci-fi art used to be. It’s almost like, as sci-fi hit the mainstream, the imagination of sci-fi art began to rapidly slalom. In the 50’s, it seems like almost all of the artists working in sci-fi comics relished the opportunity. They made their livings working as uncredited artists for comic strips or doing commercial advertisement art, and when they got the opportunity to do, their imaginations just combusted in a million different directions.

EC Science Fiction Comics [Archive]

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