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Eastwood & Angelina: The Next Classic?

This morning, Reuters spins a fascinating tale of Clint Eastwood.  The upshot? The 77 year old actor/director sure is busy: playing piano with jazzman Dave Brubeck, getting an honorary doctorate of music from the Berklee School of Music, thinking hard about directing a film version of astronaut Neil Armstrong’s biography, First Man.

But Eastwood seems most excited about his next film, which begins lensing in a few weeks.  Says Reuters, "Next month, Eastwood starts filming The Changeling
starring Angelina Jolie, about a woman whose child is
kidnapped. When the child is returned, she suspects a swap has
taken place.

"’It’s a great tour de force for a woman … with


and a lot of very good actors,’ Eastwood said."  In Entertainment Weekly, Eastwood went farther, saying, "I
always like those things where somebody screws with somebody’s brain,"
Clint admitted. "And that’s kind of what they do here. It’s about how
she works her way out of it. It’s a very good script, and it’s a
terrific role for a woman.""

Jolie’s done some very good films, and those include Gia and Girl, Interrupted.  But it may be this movie that finally propels her into the stratosphere.

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