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Drew Barrymore to Star in New Grey Gardens

I hope Drew Barrymore knows what
she’s getting into. HBO Films recently
a film based on Grey Gardens,
which will star Barrymore as Little Edie Beale and Jessica Lange as her mother,
Big Edie. Michael Sucsy directs; he co-wrote
the script with Patricia Rozema.

The film is based on the Maysles
brothers 1975 documentary
that followed the Beales as they went about their
days in a crumbling, trash-filled mansion on Long Island. The reclusive pair were relatives of Jacqueline
Kennedy Onassis, and their odd lifestyle was exposed by a National Enquirer
article; the Suffolk County Health Department subsequently threatened them with

The documentary has a rabid cult
following – check out official fansite host
Guy Kettelhack’s
detailed parsing of each of his four viewings. A
nd the 2006 Broadway musical
delivered Tony Awards to stars Christine Ebersole and Mary Louise
Wilson. So the road ahead for Barrymore is
heavily mined.

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