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Don’t Look! Indiana Jones/Crystal Skull Spoilers!

Everyone’s chomping at the bit for news of the long-awaited Indiana Jones sequel — but maybe not this much news.  Over at Cinematical and Ain’t It Cool there’s a report about an extra who really spills the beans on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Says Erik Davis, "(S)ome dude named Tyler Nelson was interviewed by James Coburn at The Edmond Sun
about his involvement in the next Indiana Jones film. Turns out Nelson
was chosen to play a "dancing Russian" (kid you not) in a fairly big
scene — well, big enough that it gives up Cate Blanchett’s character, as well as some other major plot points." BE CAREFUL: THERE ARE SPOILERS ON THE PAGE FOLLOWING.

Again, be careful: here’s a spoiler.  Go away now if you don’t want to know: "Apparently Nelson was cast as a Russian solider; part of a group who
kidnap Indy when they learn that the famed archaeologist is searching
for the same thing they are — yup, crystal skulls (which Nelson calls
"crucifix skulls," but chances are he heard wrong). Anyway, they
blackmail Indy to help them by threatening to kill Marion (Karen Allen)
… and lets just say Blanchett’s involvement in this scene ain’t
exactly kosher."  If you click the Ain’t It Cool link on page one, you’ll learn even more.

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