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Does Anyone Care About Dean Martin?

Dean Martin, the crooner, half of Martin and Lewis, Rat-Packer extraordinaire, had a resurgence some years ago when Nick Tosches wrote Dino, a deep, dark biography of the man who was once the highest paid entertainer in the country.

Yesterday, USA Today’s Mike Snider reviewed three Dean Martin DVDs (click the links to see clips!):

The Young Lions –  Dean “saved his career in this adaptation of Irwin Shaw’s war novel.”

Who Was That Lady – Tony Curtis and Dean “pose as FBI agents, which culminates in booze, blondes and humiliation.”

Kiss Me, Stupid – This was originally Billy Wilder’s “career nadir.”  But it’s now a “well-regarded satire” that casts Martin as his public persona – “Dino.”

I know there’s a new CD which lauds Martin’s singing, featuring everyone from Kevin Spacey (he can sing!) to Big Bad VooDoo Daddy.  But do you still care about Dean Martin’s movies?

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