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Doctor Who TARDIS Arcade Cabinet


Once I finally save up enough to get myself some of that surgical body modification I’ve had my eye on — I’ve often thought my hands would be more useful if my non-opposable digits with a really swank 8-piece set of grafted thumbs — I’ve been thinking of getting myself an arcade cabinet. I’m an enthusiastic gamer, after all, and nothing shows a prospective life partner your maturity and seriousness than a large cabinet taking up half of your apartment which you use to spend many hours pretending to be a knight fighting monsters on the back of a large ostrich. And, as an extra perk, I think my new thumb-hands will really help me grip the joystick better, hopefully resulting in higher scores.

So I keep my eye on the arcade cabinet scene, looking for the perfect cabinet to install in my home during more pecuinariously sunny times. I think I may have found my perfect cabinet in this Doctor Who arcade cabinet though.

Certainly, the TARDIS cabinet flies in the face of the mythos: that TARDIS is pretty small on the inside. But I love the idea of having a time-traveling British phone box in my living room that also folds out and lets me play Mortal Kombat.

While I’m mulling over, an idle thought: do you think that when David Tennant and Billie Piper are insider the TARDIS prop, waiting for the director to say “Action!” so they can pop out, they ever wile away the time making out? I like to think so.

Building a MAME console inside a TARDIS [Asciimation, via SF Signal]

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