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Die Hard: Five Things You Didn’t Know

It’s hard to believe that Die Hard, the move that began the popular Bruce Willis action series, is almost 20 years old now.  But quip-cracking New York cop John McLane is one of the more memorable action stars created in the 80s.  And the revenge McLane exacts never seems too violent.  I mean, they’re terrorists.  And they’re holding his wife hostage.

Hit the jump for five things you may not have known about Die Hard.

1) During the day, Willis was shooting his popular Moonlighting TV series with Cybill Shepherd.  So most of Die Hard had to be shot at night.  This time, Willis really was moonlighting.
2) The movie marked the debut of McClane’s signature ‘Yippee-Ki-Yay,’ a phrase that’s been used in all four movies in the series.
3) Die Hard was based on a book penned by Roderick Thorpe called Nothing Last Forever.  The first book in that series, The Detective, was made into a movie starring Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.
4) The role of McLane almost went to Arnold, Stallone, Burt Reynolds
and Richard Gere.  It was only after these stars gave the thumbs-down
that Willis got the gig.
5) Director John McTiernan almost turned down the job himself.  He
thought the movie was too dark, and set about lightening the McLane
character himself.

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