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By their bouffants shall ye know them

If aliens ever visited our planet, and they didn’t have the courtesy to arrive with a big fanfare a la Close Encounters of the Third Kind, how would we recognize them? (Assuming, as most sci-fi movies do for budgetary reasons, that they looked more or less like us, bipedal quadrupeds with a familiar arrangement of eyes, nose, mouth, etc?)

Why, by their fashion sense, of course! This feature at looks at a number of (mostly cheesy) sci-fi films where their hair and clothing are key to the aliens’ comportment.

Most importantly, they comment on the importance of sunglasses in sci-fi films, and you know what that means: an excuse to use a clip of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper from John Carpenter’s classic They Live! I still have my promotional pair of sunglasses from this film, though I’ve never spotted any alien yuppies while wearing them. Though that probably has more to do with the fact that I need prescription sunglasses than the possibility that there actually aren’t any alien yuppies walking among us.

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