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Already? The Oscar Watch Begins

Sometimes, I’ll prognosticate upon a film which I think will merit the moniker of "classic."  And sometimes, that prediction comes forth a day or so before the film’s release.  But the folks over at The Gurus ‘O Gold have already determined which films will get the Oscar next year.  How do these sometimes-smart critics like Anne Thompson and Jack Matthews know?  Well, they’ve seen the film at the Toronto FIlm Festival, and are willing to bet, well, nothing, that these movies will score Oscar gold in a few months:

1) Atonement
2) No Country For Old Men
3) Charlie Wilson’s War
4) American Gangster
5) Into The WIld
6) Sweeney Todd
7) Juno

These guys don’t stop there; they even vote on Best Actor, etc.  Talk about balls! Do you think that critics should give up their Oscar picks way before the movie is even released?

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