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All This Week: Hitchcock Stories

You can find lots of Hitchcock trivia on the Web.  But one of the best books about the great director was Hitch: The Life and Times of Alfred Hitchcock, written by John Russell Taylor in the late 1970s.  All this week, I’ll be referring to the long out of print book as AMC celebrates Hitchcock’s great movies every night this week.

While Taylor had the complete permission of Hitch to write the book, the words don’t suck up. According to the author, Hitchcock, yes, had some happy times during his childhood. 

But there were also dark times.  At the age of five, the usually well-behaved Alfred was punished for a minor transgression (which isn’t detailed in the book). His father wasn’t content to chide him: he sent Alfred over to the local police station with a note.  When the cop read the note, he placed Alfred into a cell.  It wasn’t for long – just for about five minutes. But you can imagine the fear the child felt, the abandonment, the isolation, the fear of the unknown.

Perhaps, says Taylor, this story (which Hitch’s sister insisted was true) accounted for the director’s fear of police along with the "angst connected with arrest and confinement in his films."  Stay tuned for more anecdotes tomorrow!

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