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A Question for the Readers

No, we’re not quite at V yet. It’s an important letter, and a little build-up is necessary.

In our previous letter (U is for Undead) we suggested that the state of being dead-yet-alive, while not so much fun for the zombies, ghosts, mummies, and laboratory-created monsters who actually suffer it, is weirdly and wildly attractive to us horror movie viewers; so much so that we’re actually jealous of those monsters, even if we don’t know exactly why we are.

Or do we?

I’d like you to take a moment and think of the monster that made the single greatest impression on you ever. The odds aren’t 100% that it’s a dead-alive monster (King Kong, Godzilla, the Wolf Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, for example, all fall outside this category.). But… the chances that your favorite monster IS of the dead-alive variety are very, very high.

Okay, so you’ve thought of your monster. If he or she or it IS of the dead-alive variety (that is, a being that was once dead and is now alive again), I’d like you to take another moment and think about – or write in and tell me about — what it is EXACTLY that is so appealing to you about this monster. 

This being a horror movie blog, the word “appealing” is, of course, used in a special sense. For example, the all-time most appealing monster to me, ever, would have to be Bill Hinzman — aka the Number One Zombie — from the original Night of the Living Dead. This figure didn’t “appeal” to me in the least when I first saw him at age nine. On the contrary, he – along with Kyra down in the basement — ruined my life for a while. But as the years went by my initial terror dissipated, finally turning into that peculiar form of affection that every horror movie fan knows all about. Whenever I watch bill lurch across that graveyard toward me now, my heart is instantly warmed. I can’t really imagine life without him.

I know other horror fans feel the same way about their particular favorite monster. So, back to my question: What is the single most appealing/fascinating/compelling/mysterious quality about your favorite dead-alive monster? WHY do you like him/her/it so much?

With that out of the way, we’ll get to V.

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