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5 Superheroes With Memorable Logos

You’ve got to hand it to superheroes.  They run around in public wearing outlandish costumes; costumes that are often tight-fitting and make no apologies about what they hide underneath.  No wonder they keep their identities secret.  The only real thing superheroes have to make their appearance unique is the ever-present logo that they wear with pride on their superhuman chests. 

Here are 5 superheroes that sport my favorite logos.  You’ll notice a serious leaning toward DC comic superheroes since that was where I spent most of my comic money.

Batman – Batman has the best logo in the universe.  It’s a freakin’ bat!

Spiderman – Spiderman comes in a close second with his eight-legged rendition of a spider.  The only reason he is not first is because spiders can be eaten by bats.

Superman – What Superman’s logo lacks in artistic style is made up for in simplicity.  A simple "S" that says, "I don’t care what you think of my logo…I’m Superman!"

Flash – Barry Allen chose a lightning bolt to signify his super speed. If Black Lightning had done the same instead of opting for the open-chest costume that precludes the need for a logo, he might have taken this spot.

Green Lantern – Little. Green. Different.  Elegant in its simplicity and somehow memorable.

Speaking of superhero logos, Todd Klein has a fascinating series of posts where he examines superhero comic logos.  He pulls up archive images of comic books and shows how their logo designs have changed over the years.  Just the Batman study alone has yielded five lengthy posts filled with masthead logos.

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